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Whether you are a birth parent or an adopting parent, Adoption is one part emotion, one part social work, and one part paper work. As family members ourselves, and strong believers in the family unit, we will help you navigate the legal and governmental aspects of your adoption with your family’s best interests at heart.

Prospective Parents

Through the process of adoption, a child gains the same legal rights and privileges as a biological child. In the same manner, adoptive parents take on the same legal rights, privileges and duties as any birth/biological parents. Each state has its own set of laws pertaining to the adoption process. Adoptive parents must meet their state’s requirements and must complete a detailed application and approval process. Because this involves significant paperwork and the completion of a home study, an experienced Family Law attorney usually assists the prospective parents.

Although, the best interests of the child remain the dominant concern of the courts, other factors that are considered when determining prospective parents’ eligibility to adopt include:

  • Economic status
  • Home environment
  • Age
  • Health

International Adoption

International adoption – US Citizens pursuing the adoption of a child orphaned or abandoned in a foreign country – has become very popular in recent years. Each country has different requirements for prospective parents and a lawyer experienced with international adoption is critical in guiding them through the process. Most of the paperwork is completed in the United State, though foreign travel and an appearance in court in the child’s birth country are usually required.

Birth Parents

Birth parents who wish to voluntarily relinquish parental rights so their child can be adopted have several choices for placing their child:

Agency placement – Adoption agencies act as intermediaries between birth and adoptive parents. In an agency placement, the agency is responsible for the approval of prospective parents, including home study process. Birth parents relinquish legal custody of their child to the agency, who then place the child with approved parents. Adoptive parents will file for adoption through the courts as usual. The advantage of an agency placement is greater anonymity for both sets of parents and fewer incidents of birth parents’ revocation of consent.

Independent / Private placement – In an independent placement, the birth parent or parents relinquish legal custody directly to the adoptive parents. An experienced lawyer is critical in this process to ensure that all legal requirements are met, and that all parties fully understand their rights.

Further choices available to birth parents and prospective adoptive parents include Open and Closed adoption.

In any adoption scenario, attention to detail is critical to a successful transfer of parental rights. The attorneys at The Reynolds Law Firm, LLC, are more than just experienced lawyers, they are parents themselves who understand the importance of making the right decisions for their children. They will bring their extensive knowledge of Family Law to both birth parents and adopting parents alike, ensuring that every child’s future is bright.

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