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Child Custody Litigation

When enduring the overwhelming process of divorce, your main concern is the health and welfare of your children. The Family Law attorneys at the Reynolds Law Firm, LLC will help you make the best decisions for your family during this difficult time.

Among the issues a divorce must resolve, Child Custody is often the most difficult and most emotional. When passions run high, we’re here to help, both with legal expertise and steady guidance that can ensure your peace of mind and your family’s future.

Child Custody

Child custody refers to the rights and obligations between parents, regarding their children, after a divorce, legal separation, or paternity decree. Two types of custody issues are determined in any given case:

  • Legal Custody – Refers to a parent’s decision-making rights in the matters of a child’s health, education, and welfare. Courts generally prefer that parents have joint legal custody of the child, but in certain circumstances a sole legal custodian is appointed.
  • Physical Custody – Refers to the amount of time each parent has minor children in their actual care. In a joint physical custody plan, both parents have substantial time with the children.

Among the factors weighed by the court are:

  • The child’s wishes
  • The parents’ wishes
  • Each parent’s historical parenting roles
  • Home environment
  • Any history of abuse or neglect
  • Other relevant issues affecting the children’s best interests

We’re Here For You

Let us restore order to this stressful time in your life. When you are facing difficult child custody issues, we at The Reynolds Law Firm are ready to help with experience, knowledge, and honesty.

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