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Mr. William Reynolds represented me in a personal injury case, in 2005. During our first meeting, he listened, took notes, and said he would call me, after he did specific legal research, regarding cases similar to mine.

He called me back in a few days, with the statistics, including compensation to the plaintiff, jury decisons, and an approximate time frame to expect a conclusion for my case. I signed the appropriate paper work, and he began working on the case immediately.

Mr. Reynolds always returned my telephone calls and e-mails promptly. This was very reassuring to me, because injuries and fighting insurance companies can be quite an unpleasant experience.

Mr. Reynolds, known as Bud to his friends, is an excellent negotiator and advocate for his clients. He is always the consummate professional.

I was more than pleased with the results of my case. It was settled much quicker than I thought was possible, and the monetary amount was far more than I expected to be awarded.

I would stongly recommend Mr. Reynolds to my friends, if they needed an attorney for a personal injury case, or in the other areas of law, that he practices.”

-Ellen R.

I was three years into the most frustrating divorce and battle for at least partial custody of my
daughter when my former wife decided she wanted to change venue to Missouri. At that point, I needed someone new to represent me. Up to that time, I had been battling defensively. William “Bud” Reynolds was recommended by my attorney in Kansas. From the start I liked his style. No longer would I be playing “catch-up”.

“With Bud, we began to take a more aggressive tack, and I began gaining more time with my daughter. I live outside of the United States, so I needed someone to represent me that I could trust. I found that person in Bud. He has always been extremely honest with me about my chances for things like taking my daughter to visit my family in Central America. His advice has always been in my best interests and those of my daughter. He has been compassionate and understanding during difficult moments. It is obvious that he likes what he does and feels he is helping. Many thanks to Bud. I now feel more confident in my future with my daughter. I am glad I didn’t give up when the going got tough.”

-Mario R.

“In the time of need, I interviewed a number of attorneys. When I met with Mr. Reynolds during a consultation, he was very informative on what action was needed. Throughout the case, Mr. Reynolds was very professional and timely in all aspects of the matter.”

-Mike L.

“Dear Mr. Reynolds,

I wanted to express my gratitude for the professional, efficient and thorough work you did on my case. The complexity of the situation and history between the parties was handled with dignity and compassion but yet you still had the legal assertiveness when the case called for it. Your firm’s legal representation was skillful, knowledgeable and timely.”

Best regards,

-Frank S.

“Divorce is not easy, no matter who you are. Mr. Reynold’s and his firm made sure that I understood the process and each step that I had to go through. As a person going through a divorce, things can get very emotional, but they kept me focused and level headed throughout the process. I was really thankful for the relationship. I would not have been able to go through it with out them.”

-Justine S.

“Thank you for the outstanding representation you provide during the course of my divorce proceedings. The knowledge and advice you provided in regards to family/divorce court topics was indisputably the reason for the positive outcome and final ruling. You have an exceptional knowledge of the family court system and you were current with the matters that related to my specific situation. Divorce is a very stressful time yet your advice and patients on how to proceed was very helpful in my personal life as well as the outcome to the case. Your office and staff was very courteous and professional when handing any and all questions or concerns regarding my case. I will not hesitate to contact you in the future when in need of legal council. Thanks again.”

-Shan S.

“In the summer of 2006 our family was nearing the end of a failed adoption attempt. We had negotiated what we thought was a settlement with our previous attorney. However, the outcome of the negotiations went astray when numerous requests we made were not included by our attorney. We had to fire our attorney and seek a new attorney. It was a trying time for our family with little sleep and a high degree of stress.

We searched vigorously for new attorney but everyone we spoke to were reluctant to take on the mess caused by our previous attorney. We finally talked to Bud Reynolds of Reynolds Law Firm. Not only did Mr. Reynolds take on the case but he greatly exceeded our expectations by cleaning up the mess caused by our previous attorney. Mr. Reynolds alleviated our stress by dealing directly with the biological parent’s attorney. Through constant negotiations with the biological parent’s attorney Mr. Reynolds was able to successfully handle the case and prevent further litigation by the biological parent. Our family not only considers Mr. Reynolds a family attorney but also a friend of the family that we trust during trying times.”

-Ken and LaTonya H.

“I was going through a divorce with a child involved. This was my first experience using a lawyer’s services. Igreatly appreciated all of the individual attention and thorough explanations that I received from Mr. Reynolds during a difficult time in my life. The nature of the business is daunting and a bit frightening but I always felt that my case was in the right hands.”

-Nicole W.